Community Outreach

"Community outreach is fun. I believe the community has a lot of good ideas and insights. Many times they know the conditions better than the design team - they are the ones who have the years of experiences. I enjoy listening to community members and discussing ideas. I try to be a good listener to everyone, use a little humor, and be well prepared. My goal is to build trust and make great projects together with the community."

Stuart Emmons

“Stuart came to the neighborhood meeting quite prepared and could have launched into a PowerPoint-like presentation. Yet he graciously allowed the project to unfold within the neighbor’s tenor and tempo. This ‘laid-back’ approach allowed the neighbors to feel acknowledged and heard; diffusing them on their own terms. The dialogue that then developed allowed them ownership of the project and really assisted us in reaching our goals as a collective group. It was a brilliant and bold move, yet it came off very easily. Stuart again showed his wisdom and maturity in a potentially difficult situation.”

Todd Hartman, Hartman Strong Hartman

Stuart Emmons' involvement with Community Outreach (selected).

Armory Theatre, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings, Salons

Delta House, Portland, OR

   Workshops with Delta Community
   (photo on left)

Division Street, Portland, OR

     Community Meetings, Workshops

East County Courthouse, Gresham, OR

   Community Meetings

Fire 1, Portland, OR

   Community Presentations

Fire Stations, 4, 22, 41

   Community Meetings

Fire Station 27, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings
   (photo on left)

Fire Station 9, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings
Foster School Campus, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings

Fremont Aerie

   Neighborhood Meetings

Interstate Ave. Density Plan, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings

Interstate Crossing, Portland, OR

   Neighborhood Meetings

Kah San Chako Haws

   Community and Neighborhood Meetings

Lincoln High School, Portland, OR

   Lincoln Community Meetings

MLK, Jr. Gateway, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings

MLK, Jr. Blvd. Zoning Study, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings

Miller's Landing, Bend, OR.
   Neighborhood Meeting
   (quote on left)

NAYA High School Campus, Portland, OR
   Outreach with NAYA Community

   (photo on left)

Portland Downtown Waterfront, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings, Workshops

   Stakeholder Meetings,

   Technical Advisory Committee

   (photo on left)

Rockwood Green, Gresham, OR

   Community Meetings, Workshops,

   Stakeholder Meetings

   (photo on left)

Roosevelt High School

   Roosevelt Community Meeting

South Waterfront

   Community Meetings

University of Oregon Classrooms, Eugene, OR

   College Community Meetings

Whitaker School Masterplan, Portland, OR

   Community Meetings,

   Stakeholder Meetings

   (photo on left)

Armory Theatre

Community Outreach