Arcoa Loft

Everything is white.


The Arcoa Loft is a 5500 SF loft space in

the inner southeast district of Portland.

It was Emmons Architect’s home studio.

The design concept was to have a

simple, well organized plan with basic

white forms set against the roughness

of the existing heavy timber warehouse.

The existing ceilings and lights were removed

to expand the space’s height to

over 16 feet. The space was designed

to showcase the firm’s work and to provide

the design team with a lofty art studio

to work in. There are 3 zones: an

open studio space on the north side -

the ‘private portion’, where individuals

have their own workspace; the ‘primary

support zone’ in the center with group

work areas, printing and a ribbed principal

office; and a ‘secondary support

zone’ on the south side with library, prototype, shop, kitchen and conference

room. The white walls coupled with the large

windows allow maximum use of light and

shadow to create an ever changing environment.


Floor Plan