Water Tower

Water Tower was a building that was designed to activate the waterfront park and the streets around it. Above a base that included retail, cafes and a large health club, were condominiums, many with views over the river and island towards Mt. Hood. The tower glass design was inspired by river colors and reflections, hence the name.


The health club was designed to attract many people from the OHSU campus, and people from downtown Portland.


The health club included the best pool in Portland, with large glass walls and views of Mt. Hood. Glass discs at the bottom of the pool opened up to the cafe below so people in the cafe could see water and swimmers above. The health club had a large rock climbing wall facing the riverfront park, a basketball gym, and numerous rooms for spinning, aerobics, weights, yoga and other activities. The proximity to the park encouraged people to exercise in the park and come in for a shower and bite before going back to work or home. The health club was located to act as a primary magnet in South Waterfront and help support retail, with the OHSU Tram several blocks away, and South Park.