Emmons has designed many visions and communications strategies for projects, from buildings to campuses to districts and neighborhoods. Please click on the icons for examples of vision books we designed or were a primary team member on.

The Portland Home Project

A plan to address the overall homelessness crisis in Portland.

The Portland Armory

Stuart Emmons was a primary team member that crafted the vision for the Portland Armory public spaces with acclaimed community outreach process.

(with The Felt Hat, Thom Walters, Jake Murray, Randy Higgins)



A master plan and vision for a 10 acre school site in North Portland for NAYA. The vision focused on building community and 'returning home' to the site of a former native village.


South Waterfront

Emmons was the leading team member who crafted the vision for South Waterfront, a $2B new community south of downtown Portland.

(book with the Felt Hat)

OHSU School of Medicine

A vision for a large addition and remodel of the historic library for OHSU's School of Medicine.

Whitaker School

A master plan and vision for a 10 acre school site in North Portland for the Communities of Color. It featured a K-8 school, a community center and family affordable housing.


NAYA Meadows

was a vision and master plan for the Foster School site in Lents.

Portland Downtown Waterfront

was a vision and plan for Portland's waterfront with the goal of greatly increasing activity and connections to the waterfront through new development and activities.


Lincoln Red Book

It's hard to appreciate a school by just walking through its building, especially one that is in disrepair. The Red Book was made to give an overview of academics, arts, sports, activities, and the high school community.

(text also provided by many members of the school community)

Rockwood Green

was a vision and plan for a struggling neighborhood that included housing, activities, retail and jobs to help combat poverty, build community, reduce the impact of gangs, and give hope to the neighborhood.



The Brundage House

is a house for a couple in Bend that takes advantage of being in Oregon's high desert surrounded by ancient Juniper trees.

Deschutes Brew Pub

was designed as a place to gather with friends and meet new friends.


Selected Emmons Urban Design/Planning Projects:

South Waterfront & Portland Waterfront

Miller's Landing

was vision and plan for a housing project that focused on relaxation and activities.




Selected Emmons Building/Interior Projects: